Xscape Tension Banner

Experience complete freedom with the Xscape tension banner, a lightweight x-frame design. The Xscape is designed with the intrepid exhibitor in mind; it’s easy to assemble and incredibly sturdy, but folds down into an ultra-compact carry bag making it super portable and public transport friendly, so you can always get your message to where it needs to be.

The simple tension system allows the user to exchange graphics in seconds making this a versatile and cost-effective banner display, while a small footprint makes the Xscape perfect for use when space is at a premium.

The Xscape tension banner comes in 600, 800 and 1200mm widths for added flexibility and features non-marking, non-slip rubber feet. It’s also available in a miniature version for desktop displays.

Xscape Tension Banner – 600mm x 1600mm
Xscape Tension Banner – 800mm x 1800mm
Xscape Tension Banner – 1200mm x 2000mm